Foreground: 117 acres of DNR land in Woodruff. Background: Minocqua Country Club & Mid Lake.

Foreground: 140 acres on Squirrel Lake Rd. & Jansen Rd. in Minocqua. Background: Southeast end of Squirrel Lake.

Thanks for your interest in custom aerial photography of hunting property and parcels. Getting the highest quality aerial work can enhance your hunt or resale efforts enormously. Make sure you get the most for your money by leaving it to the professionals at Lakeland Aerial Photo! Request a quote today by emailing or calling us using our contact information below the photos at left of this page!

Q: Why should I be thinking about hunting land aerials now?
A: Lakeland Aerial recommends shooting aerials of acreage in spring because the trees are bare and the ground is more visible. After spring, conditions won't be ideal again until a few weeks before the hunting season opens, which doesn't leave much time to get this type of work done before the hunt.

Q: What's the scope of an average photo?
A: For best results, we recommend breaking your larger acreage up into manageable sections. The bottom-left example encompasses 140 acres east of Squirrel lake, and the detail is fine. The detail in the top-left example is better because the scope is smaller. So up to about a half section or so is the most you want per photograph. To try to get several hundred or a thousand acres into a single photo defeats the purpose since detail will be sacrificed.

Q: Do you shoot straight-down shots or obliques?
A: It's up to you. For smaller parcels we recommend obliques like the one at top left so you get a 3-dimensional aerial, but for larger acreage that has to be broken into several shots, we recommend shooting closer to straight overhead so pictures can be lined up after the fact. The bottom-left is a fair example of an overhead shot.

      print      mounted    framed  
 11"x14"  N/A N/A $250
 16"x20"  N/A $325 $385
 24"x30"  $325 $385 $465
 30"x40"  $390 $565 $695

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