I still use a medium format film camera. Its film measures 60mm by 45mm per frame (three times the area of a 35mm camera negative). To speak in terms of digital SLR, the only cameras that can produce better results than a medium format film camera are the full-frame 20+mpx cameras. CMOS isn't even close.

For my purposes, I need to be able to enlarge my images up to 60"x80", a size which my customers occasionally order. Not even with one of the new professional 16 megapixel cameras would I be able to enlarge to that size. The picture would be too pixelated.

In the interest of saving Internet server space and cutting down on download time, all of the images on this site have been shrunk and color-corrected, so they will appear more cartoony than actual prints, which are still enlarged optically onto Kodak Royal Paper.

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